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Maturity… Even Old People Lack It!

Thursday, March 8th, 2012

Whoever said getting older means losing all your opportunities to act irresponsible (aka: immature) needs to have their head examined… with a baseball bat. Getting older does NOT mean a person has to give up the right to act like an immature, childish prankster!

How to Look Like a Male Fashion Model

Wednesday, March 7th, 2012

Although Blakk Frogg has no desire to look like a trendy jackass, many guys in this world do… so Blakk Frogg would like to give you a helpful hint if you want to look fashionable, trendy, sexy and (rico) suave: “Act like you just shit your pants.”

How to Improve American Idol

Tuesday, March 6th, 2012

Anyone that knows Blakk Frogg knows beyond the shadow of a doubt that he hates, no, despises American Idol. With that said, he has heard of a way in which the producers could improve the quality of that otherwise annoying program:

Take It in the A-Double-S

Monday, March 5th, 2012

We don’t know the ‘actual’ reasoning for this shirt’s creation but we suspect that its “Stop Being Difficult and Take It in the Ass” slogan has something to do with one of the following:

  • The continuing disappearance of personal rights & freedoms
  • A new slogan used by TSA at airport security checkpoints
  • The latest campaign slogan of a Presidential Candidate
  • That awkward moment when a man realizes prison rape stories are more than just stories
  • How a married man feels after having sex with the same woman for 20 years

If you have any other ideas, please leave them in the comments section and if Blakk Frogg likes your ideas he’ll add them to the list!

What Tattoo Location Really Means

Sunday, March 4th, 2012

At no time in his life has Blakk Frogg ever considered getting a tattoo and quite frankly he really does not find them very appealing… but to each their own. For those considering a tattoo, please make sure you review the picture below before deciding where the artwork will go on your body:

So, before you commit to having ink injected (permanently) into your skin, study this map closely and THEN make your decision. Why? Because no matter how good of a job the tattoo artist does when recreating the picture you drew of a lion ripping the soul out of a demon’s rectum, some things just don’t look right on a person’s forehead.

Eyes Up Here, Lady!

Saturday, March 3rd, 2012

Some women really do need to learn not stare at a man’s long, hard, dark…

… chocolate bar on the front of his shirt.

Wait, you didn’t REALLY think Blakk Frogg would utter a foul, dirty word, did you? You pervert!!! :P

Matching Underwear

Friday, March 2nd, 2012

Blakk Frogg never pictured the day when we would do a blog posting called ‘matching underwear’, but oh well. At least he changes his underwear on a regular basis. Thank Heavens for that!

Religions of the World Summed Up Nicely

Thursday, March 1st, 2012

Not sure of the difference between a Buddhist and a Baptist? Confused over the differences between Atheism and T.V. Evangelism? Trust us when we say other people have the same amount of confusion but NOW you can get all the answers you need from one simple, easy-to-use picture!

Reasonable Places to Cut Government Spending

Wednesday, February 29th, 2012

We all know the United States Government needs help when it comes to reducing the amount of money it spends and we believe we have found the ideal areas of ‘fat’ the should get trimmed off the government budget:

Keep Off Groin…. Really?

Tuesday, February 28th, 2012

No matter how much thought we gave this, we simply could not understand why anyone decided that the word ‘groin’ should mean anything other than… well, crotch.

We’d like to thank ‘N-Syd-Owt’ for sending in this image!